About me

Before I start telling you more about myself, I would like to thank you for visiting my website. In general, I don’t really enjoy talking about myself. I prefer to let my actions speak for me. This is also why I want to lead people down the path of personal truth and support them in achieving their personal goals.

This is my story

I was always an outdoorsy kind of guy. I have spent plenty of time in nature and always enjoyed it. There is a forest with a deer enclosure close to my childhood home. I remember spending so many hours there as a kid.

The feeling of having several deer observing you all at once is really invigorating. …It almost feels as if they want to tell you something…

After I started school, I lost this feeling gradually. At school, I was taught to conform to a materialistic world view and was under a lot of pressure to perform. My daily life was characterized by lifelessly logical contemplation, and my fantasy and love for “my world” faded more and more. Time passed and my focus shifted completely: Money, women, cars, material possessions etc. suddenly became interesting. There was not much left of the little boy seeking adventures in the woods. Although I still went out for walks from time to time, I didn’t feel the energy anymore. That was the moment when the West had managed to turn me into a superficial body appearing to be “happy” and “healthy” to the outside; on the inside, however, I was completely empty.

Obviously, I wasn’t aware of that at the time. I thought I was a big shot. I had a charming woman by my side, a large circle of friends, a stylish Audi and all the tags on my clothes were embossed with brand names such as BOSS, DIESEL or ARMANI. There was no festival where you wouldn’t find me, as I always had to be close to the action. Alcohol and cigarettes came into play and I was always the loudest person wanting to get everybody’s attention when going out. I’ll spare you the details. I’m sure this might sound like a great life for a lot of people. But this assumption is fatally flawed.

It all started when I was 20 years old. I suddenly woke up one day with a lot of different symptoms for which there was no apparent cause. I went from one natural health practitioners to the next and spent countless hours in doctors’ offices. I was crushed when I was diagnosed with chronic Lyme disease. One after the other, more and more symptoms flared up, and I was confused and couldn’t come to terms with it. It felt like none of my body parts were working properly anymore. My body was sending me signals, as clear as the day, saying:

Turn around! You’re doing something wrong!

I put my old life behind me and gave everything away. Or, to be more precise: I HAD TO put my former life behind me because I had nothing left anyway! I only focused on getting healthy to be able to lead a normal life again – without the dizziness, headaches, paresthesia, joint pain, lethargy, weight loss, and problems related to performance, concentration and digestion, among other things.

After a long and very difficult time of trying to understand my condition and dealing with it, I had the chance to meet a number of experienced natural health practitioners and to get to know myself. I had to get to know myself better to be able to decode the language my body was using to communicate with me. After trying a lot of different things and experiencing many setbacks, I forged the path which ultimately helped me to heal.

Today, I am eternally grateful: the disease pointed me in the right direction. Diseases are opportunities to find our own way of developing and growing as people, and we should thankfully accept them. However, this only works if you deal with the disease constructively. You shouldn’t fight it; let the disease “lead” you to the predetermined shore.


“A healthy person has many wishes, but a sick person only has ONE!”

Now, I’m back.
Stronger than ever and full of energy!

I’ve now made it my mission to help people from all walks of life turn their lives around.

This not only applies to illnesses, but also to all the aspects of self-improvement I’ve been passionate about my whole life.
In my opinion, when I don’t spend time helping others or myself to achieve certain goals, I’m just wasting time.

That’s why I support and coach people who are receptive to what I do in the following areas:

I will share my long-term experience with you and support you so that you reach your goals.

I’m looking forward to getting to know you!


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