„Health isn’t
EVERYTHING, but without it, everything else is nothing!“

“You’re born as an original…
Don’t die as a copy!”

You finally want to gain weight or define your abs to get a six-pack?
Increase your the amount you can bench press?
Lose weight for the summer to impress the ladies?
Or simply develop an aesthetically pleasing body?

Let me coach you!

Back then, I would have been happy if somebody had taken me by the hand and shown me the way. Gathering all my knowledge was both time-consuming and nerve-racking, and I don’t want you to have to go through a similar experience.
Just let me support you in reaching your goals.

How am I different from all the others?


Check out my before (when I was ill) and after pictures (my current form):

As far back as I can remember, I was always fascinated by weight training. I think it’s incredible how bodies can be formed and what kind of performance is possible with the right training and nutrition. Without juicing, of course!
Unfortunately, there are many myths and scams related to the topic nowadays. Many “bodybuilders” use steroids and act as if they were pillars of wisdom. But the real reason they are successful has nothing to do with intense training or their diet – they got there using anabolic steroids.

That’s why I want to educate you and REALLY help you to achieve your goals.

In addition to my personal training experience, I also dedicate time to learning more about muscle growth, increasing strength as well as losing fat. As there are still many myths and misconceptions about this topic, I also started to seek the truth about this issue. I read up on current studies, and now view weight training from a completely different perspective.

It is not difficult to increase muscle mass and still retain your body fat percentage over the whole year. You only need the necessary knowledge…and A WILL OF STEEL!

I have been helping ambitious people to reach their personal goals for some time now. Not only so they look more athletic or achieve their peak form, but also so they feel energetic and powerful. In addition, clients report increased self-confidence, which makes me very happy; this means that my work also has a positive impact on other areas of their lives.

If you follow my lead, you don’t have to limit yourself unnecessarily. You can still have a social life and feel free without having to deny yourself pleasure. The combination of my own experience and the newest scientific findings link theory and practice and help my clients to succeed!

I will create an individual exercise or nutrition plan for you based on your personal needs. Or I can also support you personally and answer all your questions when it comes to fitness and bodybuilding.

„If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always had!“

Let me help you to achieve your dream body!

Individual exercise plan
You will receive a questionnaire asking you about your current training, diet, preferences and general health. Based on this information, I will create an individual exercise plan which is 100% adapted to your personal needs! If you have any specific questions about your training plan you can contact me via email.

Counseling via Skype 60 minutes
Do you have questions regarding the topics of training, nutrition or other issues related to fitness and bodybuilding? We will have a live conversation on Skype where I will answer all your questions personally. No matter what: your questions, my answers.

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