„Be the change you wish to see in the world!“

Do you like the way I change in motion, helping people and the entire planet return to a state of well-being and health?
Visit the websites of my colleagues who work on similar projects.

I’d be more than happy to introduce them to you:

Alexandra is a kind-hearted person who writes about her disease, ulcerative colitis, on her blog. She wants to support people dealing with their condition and give them the courage to live a happy life regardless. Because of her firsthand experience, she is incredibly empathetic.

Please take a look at her website.

In his fight against plastic waste in the environment, Christoph raises awareness about how to live a life without plastic and organizes clean-up campaigns in countries that have a particularly serious problem with plastic waste. He wants humans to retain their connection to nature. That’s why he addresses the topics environmental protection, natural health, living plastic-free, eco tours and wildlife.

As a life coach and mentor, Tina accompanies people on their path to more vitality, simplicity, serenity, courage, clarity and self-confidence. Thanks to her training in TCM, she draws on a sound knowledge base when it comes to a holistic and natural approach to health and nutrition.

As a trainer and lecturer, Felix supports people in alleviating their pain and rediscovering their love of exercise. True to the motto “Anything is possible,” he considers each case individually in order to provide clients with the best possible care and support.

Christine has been offering certified nutrition counseling for more than 10 years now and helps people to reach their goals with a lot of empathy and creativity. She specializes in overweight, emotional eating, dietary therapy for eating disorders and the Ayurvedic diet.

Simon Schubert is a trained health manager, personal trainer and prevention expert. He is the founder of the initiative “Perspectives in health”. His aim is to inspire people to lead a healthier lifestyle and to support them in the process.

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