„If you don’t know who you truly are, you’ll never know what you really want…“

Did you experience a tragedy and have not dealt with it properly yet?
You feel betrayed, hurt and have the feeling that everyone is jumping on you?
Are you looking for somebody to listen and to understand you, but nobody is empathetic enough to understand your situation?

I’m sure you are thinking, “Why should Stefan understand me?

I have been to some very dark places and have had thoughts nobody should have. When I was 8 years old, my father died. I then had to learn valuable life lessons without him. My mother and my sister were still there for me, but they are not easy to deal with. I gained a lot of experience in dealing with very difficult people. Financial problems, problems at work and toxic friends were also part of my life. And let’s not forget about getting dumped by my first love. To me, all of these experiences are peanuts compared to the disease that stole 2 years of my life. This disease forced me to live through times where I saw no way out and was completely in despair.


But I can promise you one thing:

There is always a way out. YOU ARE THE PLACEBO! No matter how horrible a tragedy is, you will be able to process and deal with trauma if you know how to do so!
I will teach you the ability to understand the meaning behind the things in order for you to stay calm and avoid any negative thoughts. I will also teach you the art of thankfully accepting any setback and loss in order for you to reach a state of steadfast mindfulness.

After booking I will contact you immediately and we will set a suitable date.

„No matter how hard things were yesterday, you can always begin again today.“

Everything we talk about stays between us, and I won’t disclose anything about it, of course.

1. Note: No human being and no remedy in this world can cure another person. People can only cure themselves by working on themselves and constructively managing their disease. For this reason, I cannot promise you success. YOU ALONE are in control of your destiny and responsible for working on yourself. It is up to you to notice and react to the guiding signals your disease is sending.

2. Note: I am not allowed to treat you medically. All the information I’m giving you is based on my own experience; the results of what I put into practice are and were promising. Nevertheless, I’m not a doctor and can’t replace one. In case of emergency, please consult a physician immediately.

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